Owner FAQ

How do I make changes to my account?

Please visit the "Change of Ownership" section of our website. There you will find information on how to make changes to your account, including change of address, death of payee, and sale of interest.

What is the purpose of my Owner Number?

You have been assigned an exclusive owner number to distinguish you from Freedom Operating Company, LLC's other interest owners. Please include your owner number when communicating with us.

When should I receive my revenue check?

Checks are mailed monthly provided your account has reached the minimum pay status.

Why have I not received my revenue check?

The most common reason is because your account has not reached the minimum pay status. Freedom Operating Company, LLC Owners are set to $25 balance, but we can increase the balance if a request is made. Also, every April we make a minimum suspense run for balances of $5 or more.

Occasionally, payments are held due to uncertainty as to ownership, such as notice of death, assignment of interest, unknown address or legal dispute. Payments due are released when the matter affecting ownership has been resolved.

When will IRS Form 1099-Misc. be issued?

1099s are issued on or before Jan. 31 of the following taxable year. When Jan. 31 falls on a weekend, they may be issued the next ensuing Monday.

Can I setup direct deposit for my revenue check?

Yes. Please complete the ACH Authorization form. There you will find instructions on how to elect to participate and information needed. Completed form can be emailed to [email protected] or address shown on the form.